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Fire animations vary based on what they’re triggered on, and what they are triggered by. Fire animations can be divided into two basic types: Tools and Landscape. Tools means the fire is restricted to something the player holds, landscape means the fire is restricted to the terrain and can, in turn, harm the player. If an item is both it means it can start fires on either the terrain or the item, depending on which has been lit first.

Tools includes weapons and traps - anything the player picks up and uses or crafts himself. If an item is a tool/landscape fire then he can use it to trigger fires on bushes, grass, oil cans and trees.

Fire Created By Player[edit | edit source]

  • Molotov Cocktail(Landscape/Tool)
The player selects a lit molotov cocktail in his inventory and equips it. Its toggable, like the lantern in the game Amnesia. Its lit with a small flame engulfing the rag at the top of the bottle.
This rag will stay like this for seven seconds until the bottle explodes. Either, the player throws it and it explodes immediately, or he doesn’t and catches fire seven seconds after it is equipped.
Once the player throws it, there is a small burst of flame, them a steadier movement of fire that spreads slowly depending on what it has been thrown at.
  • Torch(Landscape/Tool) The torch functions similarly to the Molotov Cocktail and it too can be thrown.
But instead of exploding in the player’s face after awhile, it simply remains at a steady burn for about five minutes. After five minutes of use, its charred and out of oil and the player has to construct a new torch.
This too can be thrown to start a fire but this fire starts more slowly than one triggered by a Molotov Cocktail. Its steadier as well.
  • Campfire(Landscape)
The fire is sparked by a lighter, and slowly comes to a steady burn on a set of logs.

Next, fires vary depending on what they have been triggered on. As far as landscape goes there are a variety of things the player can light on fire. The way the flame acts and how long it takes for it to spread vary.

Burning Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Grass
Grass lights the quickest, but dies just as quickly. It spreads one grid per two seconds. The fire lasts ten seconds on each grid before dying out and leaving a charred space behind. Grass also leaves the most smoke.
  • Bushes
Bushes take a little longer to light and burn more steadily. They burn for a good minute and a half, the fire spreading slowly and steadily.
  • Trees
Trees burn the longest - five minutes - but they also take longer to light on fire. The fire spreads slowly and, depending on proximity of trees, can spread from one tree to the other - just as slowly, 
taking a good thirty seconds to get from one place to the other.
  • Drywood
Drywood lights slowly, but burns for a long time. The fire is bright and leaves a lot of grey smoke behind - ideal for signaling other players.
  • Terrain + Oil
This speeds up the burning process by 50% as well as having the item burn longer by 60%. But this leaves a thick bunch of black smoke while the item is burning.
  • Fauna
This includes any living being on the island - including players. This fire spreads slowly, but lights quickly and is difficult to put out unless the fauna either rolls/attempts to put the fire out, 
or is near a water source. Obviously, if its raining, the fauna does not remain on fire for long.